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Sittercity is America's largest and most trusted site for matching parents with local babysitters and nannies. With over a million of caregiver profiles across nationwide, so you can easy to find perfect babysitter quick, safe and simple. Sittercity provides free access to background checks, parent reviews and video interviews. Moreover, when you subscribe for membership at, you can use sitter city promo code that help you to save up to 25% Off.

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Sittercity launch a new promo code that help parents to save 40% and 25% off when they subscribe for monthly and yearly membership.  Parent can get all of discount by using promo code: WINTER40. This Sittercity promo code will apply automatically when you subscribe for membership at

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- Promo Code: WINTER20 that provides 40% and 25% off for monthly and yearly membership.

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Discount Code for Babysitter Website

To find qualified babysitter is difficult task for many parent. However, nowadays there are many websites that provide the list of qualified babysitter for you to selected. These babysitter websites provide over a million profiles of each babysitters in the country. When parent enter into these websites, they can create their own profiles and then  thy can connect to all babysitter in these sites. Each site, there is search option provide to parent, so parent can use this search tool for find babysitter in your local area. Parent can view babysitter's profiles that consist of experiences, address, preferred rates, skills, certifications and etc.

These babysitter website provide resources and screening tools for parent. For example, sample question to ask babysitter or guideline to ask for background checks. All of these tool is very useful for newbie parent who hire babysitter for the first time and they can help parent to find the right babysitter for their children. All of these tools are available for free.

Now, most of these babysitter websites have online application which parent can download it for free. Parent get more conveniently from this application. They can search babysitter whether they are and they will get the latest useful tips from website via this applications.

The best online babysitter website like, they offer free trial for new comer. And if parent want to subscribe for membership, they should subscribe by using discount code. With this code parent can get an extra discount that provide discount from 20% off - 40% off. Parent can select type of membership that are monthly or yearly membership. In each month, Sittercity will launch a new code. So, if parent want to get discount, they have to use newest code that provide from In contrast, if they use the old code they will not get any discount. Subscribe for membership at Sittercity and use this latest sittercity discount code online today.

Nanny Share

Nanny Share

Nanny share is a person who take care of  child or children of two or more families at the same time. This is one of the good way for parent who want use the service of a nanny and can share the cost of nanny with other families.

Advantages of Nanny Share

If compare between nanny care and daycare. The number of children in nanny share is less than daycare center. So, your children will get more attention from their nanny. Moreover, nanny share will come to your house. So, this is a good thing for your children's healthy because they are in the environment that not have many kids. If it has some emergency case like when your nanny cannot come, parent can negotiate together and find someone who can stay home and watch their kids. Finally, when compare with cost with childcare, nanny share is less expensive than childcare.

Disadvantage of Nanny Share

When you use nanny share, this is like a group project. So, sometime you and other family can be frustrating, tiring and time consuming. First thing that you want to consider when you use nanny share is you have to make sure that you and other parent have similar parenting philosophies on discipline. For example, foods to serve children, activities or the time for watching television. If you children have different needs, it will hard task for a nanny. So, parents should negotiate on this basic thing before they use nanny share together.

Find qualified babysitter or nanny for your nanny share today, you can find at This is a best website for you to find babysitter from around the US. in the minutes. Sittercity has over a million of a list of babysitter for you to selected. If you subscribe Sittercity today, you can save online now with sittercity promo code. Find perfect babysitte at today.

New Sittercity Coupon Code for November 2012

Sittercity launches new promo code for November 2012. New promo code for this month is CHILLY40. This code helps you to save 40% Off when you subscribe for new monthly memberships and save 25% Off when you subscribe for new yearly memberships. This coupon code expires on 11/30/2012. Sittercity is trustworthy site for you to find qualified babysitter for your children. Find perfect babysitter for your kids and save online today with new sittercity promo code for November 2012.

New Sittercity Promo Code for October 2012

In October, Sittercity also offer a 40% discount on new monthly memberships and 25% discount on new yearly memberships by using promo code BOO. This promotion code expires 10/31/2012. Find perfect babysitter in your local area and save online today with the newest coupon code from is the source for savvy sitters and knowledgeable nannies. is the best solution for you to find qualified babysitter in your local area. You can selected babysitter from over a million of babysitter's profiles. Moreover, you can check all their background and reference information. Don't hire babysitter who you did not know her background and reference information. Find perfect babysitter for your children via

Great Apps for Nannies

Karoo: It is the mobile app from This app helps caregivers stay connected with parents and share all of the moment together. Caregivers can share pictures, videos and updated all of activities that they do with your kids. About network is private, only you and your employer can see these information.

Instagram: With this app, caregivers snap a picture and choose a filter to transform its look and feel. This app helps caregivers to make photos more beautiful. Then caregivers can post these pictures via Instagram or Karoo for their employer to see.

DOL-Timesheet: It is the app form the U.S. Department of labor. This app helps caregivers to calculate salary by based on their working hours. With this app, caregivers can write comments about their day. In case of they work for different families, they can create separate list for each families.

Foodily Recipes: If you want ideas about healthy meal, you should use this app. It is the app that collects the best recipes form around the internet. For example, form top chefs, food magazine and blogs. Caregivers can search by ingredient, diet or vegetarian.

Schedule Planner: If caregivers have to keep track of their busy schedule from their job and families. They should try "Schedule Planner". This app helps caregivers to organize any tasks that they need to get done such as taking kids to see the doctor or piano practice. In this app, caregivers can use different color code for indicate which tasks are their personal or their job.

ArounMe: When caregivers want take the kids to go outside and no need ideas. They should try "AroundMe". This app uses your phone's GPS to find out the an interesting place around place such as park, museum, movie theater and etc.

WebMD: If caregivers are not sure about some strange symptoms from their kids. They should use "WebMD" app. This app helps caregivers to check symptoms and make sure it is not serious. Moreover, this app also provide useful first aid information that caregivers can use these information as guideline for help their children in case of emergency situation.